Tavilla Sales Co. of Los Angeles has installed a solar panel system to reduce energy costs, said president Bill Vogel.

“On a sunny day, it’s actually producing between 60 and 75 kilowatts,” he said, “which is fairly close to our usage when are coolers are running,” he said.

Since the company is on the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s tiered-billing program, “We’re eliminating the need for most of our power during the time when it’s most expensive,” he said.

Thanks to a rebate and a 30% tax credit, the company was able to purchase the $381,000 system for $93,000, which Tavilla said could be recouped in as little as four years. The company invested in the system out of concern for the environment and sustainability, but also as a prudent business decision, locking in a hedge against inflation when electricity costs are sure to climb, Vogel said.