King Features and Taylor Farms have introduced a fresh product line that includes mature spinach, baby spinach and spinach mix in a bag.

Taylor Farms enlists Popeye for fresh spinach lineThe product line, Popeye Fresh, has designed the packaging and website to engage children and their families by incorporating Popeye and his friends, according to a news release.

The well-known cartoon sailor is used to build awareness about fresh spinach and healthy eating benefits.

“Popeye is an iconic superhero that symbolizes both American nostalgia and the benefits of fresh spinach,” Kim St. George, senior director of marketing, at Taylor Farms said in the release. “You cannot find another animated character that is so closely associated with the superfood spinach.”

The Popeye Fresh package is stamped with the Popeye Approved Superfood seal, according to the release.

On the website,, visitors can find characters like Popeye, Olive Oyl, Swee’Pea, Wimpy and Brutus along with nutritional information about spinach. Children can download coloring pages and games from the site as well, according to the release.