Taylor Farms is offering three new chopped salad kits for nationwide retail.

Limited distribution of the kits — Asian , Garden Vegetable and Southwest chopped salads — began in some East Coast markets two months ago, said Vicky St. Geme, vice president of marketing.

“We had a couple early customers taking the product, and we’re doing a full launch starting this month and hitting all our current and new customers,” St. Geme said.

Taylor Farms saw an opportunity for the products in restaurant trends.

“We believe this could be a new segment within the salad category,” St. Geme said. “As we watched trends to help build new value-added products, we started seeing chopped salads becoming more prevalent in restaurant menus. We looked at different combinations of lettuces and vegetables and concentrated on the vegetable cut to come up with these three new kits.”

Ingredients vary but include such chopped items as broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, celery and green onions — along with cabbages or romaine.

“It’s not just a leafy or lettuce kit,” St. Geme said.

The limited Eastern distribution prompted queries about the kits from other regions on Taylor Farms’ Facebook page, she said. St. Geme is advising consumers and retailers to expect availability on the West Coast this month.

The kits come with toppings and dressings. For a bit of added crunch they include such items as wonton noodles, toasted almonds, sunflower kernels, crumbled bacon or tortilla strips.