Tex Starr Distributing LLC, which exclusively grows and ships Royal Star and Sun Crest papayas, recently earned Global Food Safety certification of its farms and packing sheds in Mexico.

The certified orchards are in Colima, Mexico, near the Pacific Coast, according to a news release from Tex Starr, Alamo, Texas.

Lance Peterson, co-owner, said in the release that before the Food and Drug Administration issued a papaya import alert in 2011, the company’s growing and packing operations in Mexico were focused on food safety.

Peterson said the operations were already certified by SENASICA, Mexico’s department of agriculture,Tex Starr earns GFS certification in Mexico and that the GFS certification should increase customer confidence.

The overlapping requirements of the two certification programs have helped the company eliminate “any potential areas of concern,” Peterson said in the release.

The company also grows and distributes honeydew melons and watermelon from Mexico.