A new children’s book on the alphabet uses a fruit and vegetable theme to promote fresh produce consumption with young children.

Book designer Rob Orchanian, who is publishing “The ABC’s of Nutrition” in print and e-book version, said the characters (Vegi-kids) are known as the S.N.A.K. Pack, (Smart Nutritionally Active Kids). The book is illustrated with bold colors and is intended for children aged two to five.

“There has been plenty of evidence to suggest that people become accustomed to the foods they are introduced to between 18-24 months of age,” Orchanian said. “Those who develop healthful eating habits early will perpetuate those habits throughout the span of their lives, making it prudent to create a healthy lifestyle at a young age.”

The electronic version is available through Amazon and a print version will be available there May 15.

“The whole idea is to get kids excited about eating healthy at the earliest possible age, while learning their ABCs at the same time,” Orchanian said.