Sales of smaller-sized packages of potatoes are rising.

Bagged fresh potatoes under 4 pounds are seeing sales up 17.8% from a year ago. In the past 10 years, sales have gone up 112%, according to data from AC Nielson Fresh Facts.

“These new figures illustrate why retailers need to re-think their bagged fresh potato merchandising strategies with a greater emphasis on smaller package sizes.” John Pope of Houston-based MountainKing Potatoes said in a news release. “They underscore what we’ve been seeing for quite some time — that consumers are buying in smaller quantities.”

Growth of smaller bagged potatoes stems from two factors, Pope said in the release. First, family sizes are continuing to shrink. Second, online recipe availability has led shoppers to plan a meal at a time, instead of purchasing for several meals. Consumers average 2.2 shopping trips per week, which is the most in 10 years.

Profits for grocers who merchandise smaller potato packages are also rising, according to Pope.

Potatoes in 5-pound or larger bags have an average ring of 52 cents a pound, while potatoes in smaller bags ring in at $1.52 per pound, on average.