To help in food safety recalls, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is offering rapid availability checkweighers.

Thermo Fisher introduces rapid availability checkweighersThe Minneapolis-based company started its checkweigher rapid availability program to address a variety of time-sensitive issues including recall crisis response equipment failure-caused production disruptions.

Before releasing its VersaWeigh and Versa GP checkweigher lines, food processors facing immediate production issues were forced to either source a used checkweigher or borrow one from a different manufacturing line or facility.

The rapid availability program allows food production operations take delivery of configured checkweighers in about a month instead of the common two months, according to a news release.

“Food processors do not have the luxury of waiting more than a month to receive equipment to address their checkweighing issue,” Volkert Jan Hage, Thermo Fisher’s checkweigher product manager, said in the release. “When a problem presents itself, it is critical that a solution be found immediately. This is why we have expanded the YES! program to include checkweighers.”

The checkweighers lines sport a variety of models, sizes and options.