With its new line of equipment, ThorPack LLC encourages fresh produce companies to “Pack-it-in.”

The Pack-it-in Series is the latest line of wicket baggers, tube net clippers and weighing machines from the German company A&B Manufaktur, which markets and sells its products in the U.S. via ThorPack LLC, Bryant, Wis.

Machines in the Pack-it-in Series feature touch-screen control panels made by Siemens AG, according to a news release from ThorPack. ThorPack introduces new equipment lineDesign enhancements on the machines enable them to operate at 50 to 55 bags per minute, depending on the commodity being packed.

The TP3600 WBS-1 double-head wicket bagger for potatoes and citrus handles up to 500 bags per wicket and can be used with bags ranging from 3-20 pounds. It is suited for use with all-polybags or half-and-half bags.

Special swing mounts on the wicker bagger’s closer mechanism allows for Kwik Lok service. The machine has a linear lift to adjust the height of discharge conveyers, and stainless steel vibratory in-feed heads.

For commodities packaged in net bags, the ABV-2029 double tube clipper can handle package weights from about 8 ounces to 10 pounds, the release said. The clipper is designed to pack a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, ranging from cranberries to potatoes.

An automatic system on the clipper that changes from one net tube to the other ensures continuous production on the pack line. Labels can be applied at the point the machine cuts the netting and closes it with a clip.

For weighing, the ABV-W 1200 machine is designed for weights from about 3.5 ounces to 55 pounds. A dozen cushioned weigh buckets can handle nearly all fruits and vegetables, according to the ThorPack news release.ThorPack introduces new equipment line Minimum drops and staggered positioning of the weigh buckets are designed to for gentle handling of fragile produce.

A self-draining stainless steel frame and removable distribution plates that don’t require tools help ensure easy cleaning and minimal downtime.

The ABV-W 1200 weighing machine can be synchronized with any established packaging machine, according to the news release.