Tim O’Connor, former chief executive officer of the U.S. Potato Board and Avocados From Mexico, has formally launched his produce consultancy.

O’Connor announced in October he was opening a consultancy. He was dismissed as CEO of Avocados from Mexico Sept. 12 after three months on the job. He was the group’s first CEO.

Before joining Avocados from Mexico, O’Connor was the U.S. Potato Board’s CEO and president for 14 years.

O’Connor’s new firm, Tim O’Connor & Associates, will specialize in the fresh food industry, O’Connor said in a news release.

“Food marketing is a highly competitive and all too often commoditized business,” he said in the release. “Knowing who your target consumer is and how to connect your products with them is more important than ever before. Our expertise in these areas will enable us to provide our clients with marketing strategies and initiatives that can change the game — and deliver results.”

O’Connor’s firm will provide strategy development, communications, retail marketing initiatives and other services.

Tim O’Connor & Associates includes a network of industry veterans with experience in fresh food marketing, consumer research and packaging.