A trial date has been set in a lawsuit brought by a clean water advocacy group against Chiquita Brands International.

Seattle-based non-profit Water and Sanitation Health Inc.’s case against Charlotte-based Chiquita will go to trial July 20, 2015, in Washington State’s King County Superior Court, according to court documents.

Water and Sanitation Health sued Chiquita in January for “unfair and deceptive marketing practices” concerning Chiquita’s production of bananas in Guatemala.

The lawsuit claims that Chiquita-brand bananas purchased from the company Cobigua and sold in King County were advertised as “farmed in an ecologically friendly and sustainable manner.”

Instead, according to the suit, some of those bananas were “produced in a way that destroys natural ecosystems and contaminates the drinking water of affected communities.”

In its answer to Water and Sanitation Health’s complaint, Chiquita denies all charges and argues that the case should be heard in Nicaragua, not King County.

To many of the non-profit’s claims, Chiquita says the company “is without knowledge or information sufficient to form a belief as to the truth of the allegation and therefore denies the same.”

In responses to some claims, Chiquita also says that “in addition the allegation is immaterial, impertinent, and scandalous.”