United Farm Workers planned an April 24 march on a California congressman’s office in support of immigration reform legislation.

UFW to march on California congressmanThe union forecast turnout in the hundreds. Laborers were to walk in single file to the Bakersfield office of House majority whip Kevin McCarthy, a Republican, and take turns requesting a meeting with him.

The UFW, which scheduled livestream video http://tinyurl.com/kyqaxer of the march starting at 10:30 a.m. Pacific, has accused the congressman of “empty promises” on immigration reform and is asking him to schedule a vote.

It’s not the first rally there on the topic.

“The more congressman McCarthy tries to ignore us, the stronger our movement becomes,” Arturo Rodriguez, union president, said in a news release. “We won’t stop until we get the vote on comprehensive immigration reform that our community deserves.”

Each marcher will carry locally picked produce to McCarthy’s office.