CHICAGO — Due to devastating spring freezes, Michigan’s apple crop will be 85% lighter than last year and New York’s 52% lighter, according to the annual crop estimate from the Vienna, Va.-based U.S. Apple Association.

At its annual Apple Crop Outlook & Marketing Conference Aug. 17 in Chicago, U.S. Apple estimated a  2012-13 crop of about 202 million bushels, 10%  less than the year before but 10 million bushels above the 2012-13 U.S. Department of Agriculture forecast.

About 3.5 million bushels are expected in Michigan, one million bushels more than the USDA estimate. New York is expected to ship about 14 million bushels, similar to the USDA estimate.

While production is down significantly in the second- and third-largest apple-producing states, volumes are expected to be up in industry leader Washington and in Pennsylvania, the fourth-largest producer.

Washington growers should ship about 145 million bushels in 2012-13, 13% more than last season, according to U.S. Apple, whose estimate exceeds the USDA estimate by 10 million bushels.

Pennsylvania is expected to produce about 11 milllion bushels, up 1% from last year and comparable to this season’s USDA estimate.