Funding reductions have caused a cutbacks in the frequency of potato stocks reports and fruit and vegetable crop estimates from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The USDA’s Agricultural Statistics Board said funding reductions in fiscal year 2011 — and the prospect of additional restrictions in fiscal year 2012 — forced it to eliminate or reduce reports.

“The decision to eliminate or reduce these reports was not made lightly, but it was nevertheless necessary, given the funding situation,” according to a news release.

The agency said the potato stocks report is scheduled to change from a monthly report to a quarterly report. Fruit and vegetable in-season forecasts and estimates are being reduced from monthly and quarterly to an annual report.

The USDA also said it will reduce the frequency of commodity coverage in agency’s chemical use reports, and will eliminate reports on nursery production, bees and honey, and hops production, among others.

The agency said the National Agricultural Statistics Service will make available similar data either less frequently or within the every five-year Census of Agriculture. The next census will be conducted beginning January 2013.