USDA directories back farmers marketsThe U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service is developing three directories that will list farm to consumer delivery services.

They are expected to go online in early 2015, joining its existing directory of farmers markets.

All four searchable web-based directories will be at

The three upcoming directories will cover community-supported agriculture, on-farm markets and food hubs.

“We’re targeting these particular agricultural businesses because they’re critical links to strengthening the local and regional food system,” Arthur Neal, deputy administrator for the Agricultural Marketing Service, said in a video shot at a recent USDA farmers market in Washington D.C.

“We want to connect more consumers and businesses to local and regional agriculturally produced products and farm products,” he said. “We want to see your business listed there.”

The 2012 census of agriculture showed that 50,000 growers and ranchers sell to local retailers and 150,000 sell directly to consumers.

The current directory lists 8,268 farmers markets and draws more than 2 million visitors annually.