United Fresh’s new Fresh Insights for Foodservice report explores how chefs are adding fresh fruits and vegetables to their summer menus.

Watermelon and butter lettuce are among the latest trends in the Summer 2014 edition of the Fresh Insights for Foodservice, according to a news release. Fresh Insights for Foodservice is a quarterly report from United Fresh that highlights the latests innovations in foodservice use for fresh produce.

The report also shows how fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs can transform cocktails. It also shows the latest menu additions at chains.

The report includes a look at how produce ingredients are being used at America’s ballparks, with apples, peppers and cucumbers included on menus at concession stands. More and more ballparks feature fresh produce stands, salad and wraps.

“Using fresh produce in summer menus is a great strategy for foodservice operators, from fine dining to crunchy salads at the local ballpark,” United’s vice president of trade relations Jeff Oberman said in the release. “The summer issue of the Fresh Insights report underscores the many ways that foodservice companies are discovering the value of adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to their menus.”

The concept for the Fresh Insights report was started by United Fresh’s Retail-Foodservice Board; it is a resource for United members to get a look at how restaurants and chefs are using fresh produce items on their menues. The report is developed by Datassential, a market research firm dedicated to the food industry. Datassential uses data from its extensive menu database, MenuTrends, to help build the report.

The four core sections of the report are Fresh Flavors, Menu Intelligence, Chain Report and View From Above.