A sweet onion veteran has joined the staff of Van Solkema Produce.

Adam Blocker, who worked most recently for Curry & Co., began working in Byron Center, Mich.-based Val Solkema’s Glennville, Ga., office on April 21, said Tim Van Solkema, a partner in the company.

Van Solkema Produce entered the Vidalia deal in 2013, following its 2012 purchase of Four Corners Farms.

“We’re growing that commodity, and having someone who specializes in that area, and having him there full-time was a big bonus,” Van Solkema said.

Van Solkema Produce is expanding its Vidalia and Peruvian sweet onion programs this year, Van Solkema said.

Van Solkema Produce also packs carrots, cabbage, squash, cucumbers, corn and Peruvian sweets out of its Glennville facility.

Before joining Brooks, Ore.-based Curry & Co., in 2012, Blocker worked on the sales desk at Glennville-based Bland Farms LLC. Blocker joined Bland in 2008.

In addition to its facilities in Byron Center and Glennville, Van Solkema Produce has operations in Nogales, Ariz., and McAllen, Texas.