Village Farms marked the opening of its newest Texas greenhouse by harvesting its first fruit from the glass operation.

Village Farms opens Texas greenhouseThe Eatontown, N.J.-based Village Farms LP harvested tomatoes from its Monahans, Texas, greenhouse on Feb. 20, a couple of weeks earlier than scheduled, according to a news release.

Village Farms broke ground on the first phase of the greenhouse expansion in June, planting the first 15 acres of the 30-acre expansion in December with the rest of acres planted in January, according to the release.

The first phase includes the greenhouse as well as other service buildings that feature advanced technology packing, sorting and distribution operations, according to the release.

Long term, Village Farms plans to construct 120 acres of greenhouses on the 320-acre site, according to the release.

“Harvesting our first crop in our state of the art facility is an exciting event for the company, considering the very aggressive timeline we committed to in building this facility,”  Michael Degiglio, chief executive officer, said in the release.

“The Monahans greenhouse is like no other greenhouse in the world and is already demonstrating its ability to grow high-quality fruit in a stable and consistently-monitored growing climate, even when the conditions outside the greenhouse are less than ideal.”

The plant is Village Farms’ fifth Texas greenhouse and the first commercial greenhouse based on the grower-shipper’s proprietary Greenhouse Advanced Technology Environment System technology, according to the release.