Washington potato grower Jared Balcom is scheduled to be inducted into the Mid-Columbia Ag Hall of Fame in 2012 as Agribusiness Man of the Year.

As president of Balcom & Moe Inc., Pasco, Balcom has been an “outstanding leader for agribusiness in Franklin County,” according to a new release. An awards presentation gala is set for Jan. 26. The event is sponsored by the Port of Pasco and the local Chamber of Commerce.

Balcom grew up on his parents’ farm, but did not originally intend to enter the family business, opting instead for a career in biology. He eventually joined the family business as a fourth-generation member and promoted to president in 2007.

As president, he has modernized production to reduce costs and improved quality and efficiencies in the fields and warehouse operations, according to the release. Balcom served on the U.S. Potato Board, with the Potato Leadership Institute and in the Washington Onion and Potato Association.