Windset Farms recently signed a contract with U.K. based Marco Ltd. for their Yield Control Module. The Canadian produce company expects to install the system in their Santa Maria, Calif. location by the end of September.

The system increases efficiency and accuracy while decreasing the amount of labor and overpacking, said Windset chief operating officer John Newell. It has been designed to virtually eradicate giveaway while maintaining a consistency in the produce and line speed during packing.

According to the Marco website, operators oversee the yield control system using LineMaster workstations. They program the system to select certain weights or types of produce, kicking out product that doesn’t meet those perameters. The system tracks multiple types of data, including actual amount packed at each workstation, number of packs completed and pack weight trends.

“We decided to sign a contract with Marco because of their expertise and experience in the design and manufacturing of high-end weighing systems, particularly with their approach to software/hardware integration,” Newell said.