Wonderful pomegranates should be shipping in volume by the first half of October.

Volumes should exceed 6 million boxes this season, according to a news release from the Sonoma, Calif.-based Pomegranate Council.

“We expect promotable quantities in a full range of sizes by Oct. 8-10,” Tom Rouse of Los Angeles-based Pom Wonderful said in the release. “If Mother Nature continues to cooperate, our full-season shipments should match, or slightly exceed last year.”

Pom Wonderful expects to ship a higher percentage of wonderfuls this season in display bins and stackers, Rouse said.

Fowler, Calif.-based Simonian Fruit Co. also expects to start shipping wonderfuls the week of Oct. 6, Jeff Simonian, the company’s sales manager, said in the release.

“Our early varieties have moved smoothly into the distribution channels, and we’re now ready to ship our principal variety. Like the rest of the industry, we expect to peak on the medium sizes.”