(May 31) A.J. Trucco Inc., New York, is adding a new form of packaging to its line of Fresco brand garlic.

The new packaging, called D-pack, is a mesh bag with a label, said spokesman Nick Pacia. Trucco will continue to sell garlic in clamshells and punnets.

Pacia said the D-pack’s main advantage is its flexibility for display. He said the new packs may be customized in 1-, 2-, 3- or 5-pound packages — and are available with a handle or holes for a two-punch display. D-packs are more convenient and easier to display than other packaging, he said.

This type of packaging already has found success in Europe, Pacia said.

A.J. Trucco began shipping the Fresco garlic in D-packs the first of May, he said. About 60% to 70% of the garlic is from California, and most of the rest is from Argentina. A little comes from China.

Trucco expects to ship about 130,000 30-pound cases of garlic this year, Pacia said.