(Jan. 23) Albertsons LLC, Boise, Idaho, will reportedly close nine underperforming stores in Colorado within the next two months.

The Rocky Mountain News reported that the supermarket chain scheduled the closures for February and March, and that the move would result in about 750 job cuts.

Following this latest round of Albertsons closures, the retailer will be left with 31 stores in Colorado. The article noted that since the purchase of 661 Albertsons units by New York’s Ceberus Capital Corp. in May 2006, more than 100 Albertsons locations were slated for closure in several states.

A spokesman told the paper that a deal for the sale of 130 Albertsons stores in Northern California could happen as early as February.

Apparently, Albertsons plans to thin out a bit in order to put more money into the product offerings inside the stores – an effort to “reset and remerchandise” as it was called.

According to the article, Westminster, Colo., will see three stores closed; two units will be shuttered in Colorado Springs (both Grocery Warehouse stores); one store will close in Denver; and one location each will respectively close in Parker, Lakewood and Greeley.