(Oct. 9) The Michigan Apple Committee is expected to unveil a guide for retailers at the Produce Merchandising Association’s Fresh Summit 2007.

A 17-by-24 inch poster displays tips for care and handling of Michigan apples. The reverse side has themes and ideas for displaying the apples in-store.

“We hear a lot from our shippers that retailers might have newer employees that might not know how to care for the apples,” said Holly Whetstone, marketing and communications specialty for the committee. “We hope that anything we provide to retailers about care of our apples will be beneficial.”

The ideas for displays included in the retailer guide are back-to-school, fall harvest, holiday baking and health and fitness. Marketing tools made available by the Michigan Apple Committee, such as signage, display-ready cartons and recipe cards, are highlighted in another section.

While representatives from the Michigan Apple Committee will be distributing the guides to retailers at the PMA convention, they will also be sending them out to nearly every retailer that carries Michigan apples, Whetstone said.