(March 4) SANTA MARIA, Calif. — Babé Farms Inc. is introducing a new variety of baby cauliflower to be marketed on its colorful appeal.

The company will launch a selection that will feature a purple variety, as well as white and green varieties.

The product will feature two heads of each color and will be packaged in a microwaveable bag.

Babé spokesman Rob Bryant said the cauliflower would appeal to supermarket consumers, as well as foodservice brokers, because of its microwaveable convenience and because of its eye-catching color, which is preserved if cooked.

He said this would make it ideal for vegetable trays or formal dinners.

He also said the cauliflower’s tangy flavor was sustained whether it was served raw or cooked, which would appeal to a wider range of produce consumers.

He said baby cauliflower retained its sharper flavor because it was harvested early in its growth.

“The flavor is more concentrated,” he said.

Babé’s new market development manager, Carrie Jordan, said the company was testing the product for shelf life to determine its ideal shipping conditions.

Therefore, the company had yet to determine how many bags would be contained in one box or the cauliflower’s wholesale or retail costs, although she said the company would have a better idea in about a month.

She said the product will be marketed nationwide.