(Feb. 3, 3:20 p.m.) Banana ripening entrepreneur Jim Still, owner of Global Cooling Inc., Media, Pa., has added to his interests helping wounded U.S. soldiers.

Known as ‘Banana Jim’ to many in the fresh produce industry, Still founded Global Cooling in 1998 after working with ripening technology for many years. The company built the world's first banana warehousing facility that monitored and controlled temperature, oxygen, carbon dioxide, ethylene and relative humidity in 2004. More recently, Still did cold-chain management consulting for Turbana Corp. when the company made its move from Bridgeport, Conn., to Philadelphia in 2008.

Still is in no way abandoning his ripening business but has taken on a new responsibility as the strategic planner for Operation First Response, a Culpeper, Va.-based charity.

Still collaborated with his alma mater, Philadelphia-based Saint Joseph's University, to recruit a student volunteer to help draft news releases and grant applications to help drive more donators to the charity's Web site, www.operationfirstresponse.org.

The charity supports wounded soldiers and their families by distributing donated frequent flyer miles, sending care packages and quilts and finding ways to connect families of soldiers with their loved ones.