(UPDATED COVERAGE, June 11, 4:14 p.m.) Burger King’s Apple Fries, which joined the fast food chain’s menu in 2007, should hit 10,000 supermarkets this fall.

The fries will be sold in Burger King Frypod-like packaging in the produce section of the stores, according to a Wall Street Journal article. Low-fat caramel dipping sauce, packaged in pouches like a condiment, will accompany the fresh apples.

"The plan is for them to look and feel and conjure up the image of Apple Fries in restaurants, but will it really be in a Frypod? They're still working on the packaging," said a representative for Burger King.

Cashmere, Wash.-based Crunch Pak, a Burger King licensee, will make the product, the representative said.

Restaurants are trying to keep their brands in front of consumers while they may be eating at home more, in hopes to pick them back up when the economy improves, according to the article.

In late 2007, Burger King also released its own brand of chips to supermarkets and convenience stores.

In its restaurants, the chain is also using its Apple Fries to promote the Jonas Brothers’ “Burning Up Tour.” Specially marked packs of the Apple Fries have entry codes that could allow consumers to win trips to the music group’s shows.

For winning consumers, the apples will be served as a pre-concert snack at the show.

In Burger King’s second-quarter fiscal year 2009 statement, the company reported restaurant revenues increased by $49 million in the U.S. and Canada during the three-month period that ended Dec. 31, 2008. Those increases were mainly due to a net increase of restaurants during 2008 and comparable sales growth, according to the statement.

Burger King apple ‘fries’ make jump to retail