(July 11, 1:54 p.m.) The long-awaited Burger King Fresh Apple Fries have made their appearance on menus nationwide.

The “fries,” which are fresh-cut red delicious apples that resemble french fries, first started appearing on menus on June 30. As of July 7, Miami-based Burger King Corp. is offering the product at its entire restaurants, said spokeswoman Lauren Ross.

Burger King first introduced the Apple Frypod concept in September and planned a limited launch in January.

The nationwide launch coincides with its new BK Positive Steps Nutrition Program and nutritionally balanced kids meal.

The apples are available a la carte for $1.49, said Burger King spokeswoman Heather Krasnow.

The kids’ meal offers a serving of macaroni and cheese, fresh apple fries with a low-fat caramel dipping sauce and a low-fat milk. The meal has a total of 350 calories and less than 25% of calories from fat. It carries a suggested retail price of $3.49.

The fresh apple fries account for 25 of those calories and a gram of fiber.

To support its commitment to nutrition, the chain partnered with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to support the MyPyramid program. Burger King now uses MyPyramid information on its Web site to promote custom kids’ meal options to help meet nutrition recommendations.

Burger King is supporting its rollout of the new kids’ meal with television spots featuring a new character, “Little King,” that began July 7. A second commercial featuring an animated apple that “explodes” into apple fries after running into a slicer is set to begin airing July 21.

A new children’s Web site, www.clubBK.com, also launched in early July.

Burger King plans to do extensive sampling of the Fresh Apple Fries product as well, Ross said.

About 160,000 samples will be given out at concert venues on the Jonas Brothers’ “Burning Up Tour” from Burger King-branded apple carts. The carts also are scheduled to make stops at community events and public parks in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and Houston.

Select Little League games also will have targeted marketing featuring a Burger King Fresh Apple Fries scoreboard.

Burger King goes national with apple fries
Burger King's apple fries, featured in the kids' meal, are also available a la carte for $1.49, says Burger King spokeswoman Heather Krasnow.

Courtesy Burger King Corp.