(April 30) With child obesity as a hot button in the industry, grower-shippers are looking for ways to increase produce consumption among the young generation. Chelan Fresh Marketing, Chelan, Wash., introduced a new product at the New England Produce Council’s annual convention on April 25 in Boston meant to do just that.

My Size Minis is an opaque tote bag of apples and pears perfect for the tiny mouths of children. Mac Riggan, vice president of marketing, said the bags hold about 3 pounds of 125- or 138-size fruit, just right for kids. In partnership with the Disney Garden brand, the bags are printed with high-quality, four-color graphics based on recent Disney movies.

“Monsters Inc.” is featured on the My Size Minis granny smith bags. “The Incredibles” is featured on the My Size Minis red delicious bags. The Tow Mater character from “Cars” appears on the My Size Minis bosc pear bags.

In addition to the colorful and lively graphics, verbiage on the bags is targeted at children. For example, the My Size Minis bag of granny smith apples contains the saying “1 medium apple energy to jump rope for 20 minutes.” Riggan says this type of communication makes the fruit relevant to a child’s lifestyle and empowers children to use the fruit for a purpose rather than to just eat more healthfully.

Eight of the filled My Size Minis totes come in a standard Eurobox, he said. The company also will have bins developed to hold 15 of the totes in a stand-alone place on the produce department floor.

Later this summer, the company plans to launch another cross-promotion and program in conjunction with Disney’s “Ratatouille” cartoon character that will make an appearance on the big screen June 29.

The movie’s main character, Remy, is a rat trying to become a chef despite the profession’s phobia in regard to rodents. To complement the movie’s theme, Riggan said, Chelan’s promotion will include a consumer contest where consumers can create recipes using apples. Chelan will cross-merchandise its apples with chili powder and caramel dip to encourage cooking with the fruit.

Chelan Fresh fruit totes feature Disney characters
Chelan Fresh Marketing, Chelan, Wash., introduced Disney Garden My Size Minis tote bags of apples and pears at the New England Produce Council’s annual convention April 25 in Boston.