(May 22) An online video and humor are tools the California Cherry Advisory Board hopes will help move the state’s bings this summer.

In the second week of May, the Lodi-based board unveiled www.bigbingboom.com, a Web site chronicling the work of the fictional California Bing Cherry Research Institute and its Albert Einstein look-alike “director.”

In a short video on the site, the Einstein character and his assistants “prove,” through various complicated experiments and calculations, that if retailers devote just a bit more shelf space to California cherries, they can reap big rewards at the check stand.

The video is the first of its kind — for cherries or any other fruit or vegetable — created by Fresno, Calif.-based MJR Media, an advertising and design agency that has numerous produce industry clients, said Jason Bukilica, account director.

The video and Web site were inspired by market research MJR commissioned for the advisory board in 2006, Bukilica said.

“The research showed that, compared with other categories, cherries have a very big profit margin,” he said. “If retailers add just 1 square foot more to their displays, it can make a big difference.”

The video, with its reliance on statistics and industry jargon, is aimed at retailers, Bukilica said. Its rollout was timed to give cherry merchandisers an extra tool at their disposal when they make their sales calls in advance of the season, he said.

The video’s focus on adding shelf space is a perfect fit for the particular needs of marketers of California cherries, said Jim Culbertson, the advisory board’s executive manager.

“Cherries are subjected to seasonal shelf space, so they’re always fighting for space,” he said.

Cherry board’s video touts benefits for retailers
A video clip viewable at www.bigbingboom.com employs a quirky scientist character to make the case for upping cherries’ presence at retail.