(April 8, 2:38 p.m.) Cincinnati-based Chiquita, which finalized a plea agreement and a $25 million fine with the Department of Justice in March 2007, now faces a civil lawsuit filed March 11 in the U.S District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

The families of five American missionaries, who were taken hostage by the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia in Colombia in 1993 and murdered in 1996, have filed a civil suit against Chiquita accusing the fruit company of “bankrolling, arming and otherwise providing material support” to the guerillas.

According to Bloomberg, the case could cost Chiquita $780 million. Chiquita’s stock has climbed from $13.31 a year ago to as high as $23.60. Shares were $21.93 during midday trading April 3.

Meanwhile, four suits filed against Chiquita on behalf of about 600 Colombian FARC victims have been consolidated with two shareholder actions in which Chiquita is accused of harming the company’s reputation and the value of its stock.

Chiquita has repeatedly denied its responsibility for the terrorist’s actions, saying the company made payments to protect its employees.