(March 26, 3:52 p.m.) Kowalke Family Sprouts Inc., Los Angeles, voluntarily recalled its alfalfa sprout products after California Department of Public Health officials warned consumers not to eat them because the seeds used to produce the products were contaminated with salmonella.

The health department announced the warning March 20.

Lea Brooks, spokeswoman for the department, said she did not know where along the growing and distribution chain the contamination was discovered.

“At this time the department is investigating the source of the contamination,” she said March 25.

The warning said conditions for growing sprouts are ideal for rapid bacterial growth, and because they are normally eaten raw, consumers are at risk.

The recall includes all alfalfa, onion/alfalfa mix, cauliflower/alfalfa mix and dinner salad mix sprout products. The products were sold in 4-ounce, 1-pound and 5-pound packages with product “sell-by dates” of March 4-26.

The dinner salad mixes were distributed in 8-ounce packages and the cauliflower/alfalfa combo and onion/alfalfa mix is distributed in 4-ounce packages. Lot information is located on the front label of the packages.

The products were distributed to retail stores, including Whole Foods Markets Inc., Austin, Texas, and Encino, Calif.-based Gelson’s Supermarkets.

Kowalke Family Sprouts did not return calls.