Nomination forms for the upcoming California Kiwifruit Administrative Committee’s grower board elections must be returned to the committee’s Sacramento office no later than April 15.

The forms were mailed to grower-shippers April 1, according to a news release. Those eligible to run for the grower board include kiwifruit grower-shippers who produce fruit for the fresh market and their employees.

Ballots to growers in all three of the committee’s California districts will be mailed in early May, according to the release.

The two year terms for board members and alternates will begin Aug. 1.

The Kiwifruit Administrative Committee, the organization that administers the fruit’s federal marketing order, has made a commitment to enhance the diversity of the organization and is working in partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to encourage women, minorities, people with disabilities, organic or non-conventional producers, small businesses, and individuals who have never served on the committee to serve as members or alternates, according to the release.