The latest Florida citrus crop report shows a slight decrease in valencia orange production but a small increase in honey tangerine volume.

According to a May 11 U.S. Department of Agriculture report, Florida valencia production dropped 2 million cartons, from 72 million equivalent cartons to 70 million cartons. The USDA noted half of the state’s late season valencias have finished harvesting and that valencia fruit size is falling below the minimum of the eight previous seasons. Fruit droppage is also being reported to have increased at a higher than average rate, according to the USDA.

Honey tangerines, which generally finish production in late April, increased 100,000 equivalent boxes from 1.9 million cartons to 2 million cartons, according to the USDA. Grapefruit production remained unchanged at 19.6 million equivalent cartons.

The next USDA Florida citrus report is scheduled for June 9.