Frontera Produce Ltd. expects to increase its gold pineapple production in Mexico by 40% in 2010, and by another 30% to 40% in 2011.

The big volume increases will come through acreage boosts at Edinburg, Texas-based Frontera’s Veracruz, Mexico, plantation, said Ken Nabal, the company’s vice president of sales and logistics.

Frontera plans big push on Mexican pineapples

Frontera expects to pack a record number of its MD2 golden variety pineapples between January and July 2010, Nabal said.

The company doesn’t expect to have any trouble creating demand for all that extra fruit, given the advantages of shipping from Mexico over Central America, Nabal said.

While fruit from Central America typically takes a week to reach its U.S. destination, the transit time for Mexican-grown product is closer to two or three days, he said.

That means growers can wait longer to pick fruit, which pays big dividends on quality, Nabal said.

“I think any time you can leave it to ripen naturally, it’s going to have a better taste,” he said.