(Feb. 13) Grants to cost-share advertising and promotions for New York’s local produce promotions are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Members of the Pride of New York program can receive up to $5,000 to advertise and promote specialty crop and agricultural products grown or processed in New York State, the agriculture commissioner’s office said in a news release. The federal funds were made possible through a “Buy Local” Cooperative Advertising Grant Program, which is a pilot project through the New York State Department of Agriculture.

Funds can be used for a wide range of advertising and marketing including:

  • Pre-negotiated and/or custom-built TV ads, which include professional production of a 23-second TV commercial with a 7-second Pride of New York end tag;

  • Pre-negotiated and/or custom-built radio ads, which include professional production of a 45-second radio spot that ends with a 15-second Pride of New York tag;

  • Cost-sharing of approved print advertisements and placement in a variety of consumer publications; and

  • Point of purchase and promotional items.