Peru’s export commission, PromPerú, is working to establish a “third wave” of fresh produce exports featuring native products such as yellow potato, hot ají peppers, lucuma, aguaymanto (cape gooseberry/goldenberry), chirimoya and camu camu.

“The first wave of exports was not native to Peru, products like mango and asparagus, and those led to the second wave, products like grapes, avocado and artichokes,” said William Arteaga Donayre, PromPerú’s agriculture specialist.

“Now we are looking at improving production and export of native products,” he said.

Worldwide demand for Peru’s native produce from countries such as America and Japan is already huge, said Jose Quinones, PromPerú’s export promotions director. Promotional work, he said, was therefore equally focused on increasing production and clearing supply channels, as well as finding export markets.

Chirimoya, a fresh fruit, for example, is already sought after in Europe for its flavor and vitamin content. In Japan, camu camu, another fruit, is in demand, partly for its extremely high vitamin C levels.

The budget for the promotion of native Peruvian products totals $4 million. As part of the latest promotional effort, PromPerú will organize a special exhibition area within Peru’s food expo, Peru Natura, Sept. 9-11.