Wayne E. Bailey, Chadbourn, N.C., has introduced purple sweet potatoes and butternut squash.

The purple sweet spuds are available for foodservice in cubes, medallions, slabs and sticks, said salesman Ronnie Mercer, and the company also sells 3- and 5-pound bags of puree for use in dishes such as soufflés or casseroles.

Sweet potato puree, including traditional orange, is available in 30-pound pails too, he said.

The butternut squash deal marks Wayne E. Bailey’s entry into that market, with 80 acres of plantings this season, said Michelle Jacobs, saleswoman.

For foodservice, 5-pound bags of cubes that can be roasted or put in casserole are available. A puree is also offered in a 30-pound pail.

“This can be used in a casserole, in soups, dips, anything you can do with orange you can do with purple or butternut,” Jacobs said.

She said the sticks can be made into fries and the cubes are great for sautéing and baking.

Mercer, Jacobs or David Wilson can be contacted in the Wayne E. Bailey’s sales office at (910) 654-5163 or ronnie@sweetpotatoes.com, michelle@sweetpotatoes.com or david@sweetpotatoes.com.