(March 3, 4:18 p.m.) Dickson, Addison, Ill., has come out with new stainless steel-case data loggers for use in monitoring temperatures in wet and/or hot conditions.

The new HT 200 watertight temperature data loggers and HT 220/HT 225 piercing probe models “are an upgrade of a model that were previously made that were water-tight and made to withstand the heat,” said Kate Sonka, inside sales manager/marketing coordinator at Dickson. “These are the HT 200 series. The reinforced probes are new. So is the USB-enabled high-speed data downloading. It also has user-replaceable batteries.”

The data loggers are temperature resistant up to 257 degrees Fahrenheit (125 Celsius). For more information, call (630) 543-3747 or (800) 757-3747 or send an e-mail to Dicksoncsr@DicksonData.com.