Trying to encourage healthy eating and help farmworkers’ children, Duda is contributing to the Fresh for Ellen program.

Duda contributes to Fresh for Ellen and farmworkers’ education

Courtesy Dude Farm Fresh Foods

Olga Ortegon, an early childhood specialist at Redlands Christian Migrant Association, and Sam Jones, operations manager, for Duda Farm Fresh Foods.

Duda Farm Fresh Foods Inc., the fresh division of Oviedo, Fla.-based A. Duda & Sons Inc., and its Peace River Packing citrus packer helped start the first week of the fan club’s donations by contributing  2,169 pounds of fresh Florida valencia oranges and honey tangerines on Feb. 19 to the Redlands Christian Migrant Association’s  Bowling Green, Fla., child development center.

Fresh for Ellen is a group of fans that has Ellen DeGeneres has inspired to reduce consumption of processed sugar. Duda wants to shine a light on the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables, which Duda calls “nature’s candy,” according to a news release. 

“I’ve committed to Ellen DeGeneres that every time she mentions fresh produce to a public audience, we’ll share fresh produce,” Dan’l Mackey Almy, founder of Fresh for Ellen, said in the release. 

After DeGeneres mentioned fresh Florida citrus during a recent “Ellen” television show, the Fresh for Ellen group contacted Duda to help it deliver on the promise, Almy said.

“As soon as we heard about the ‘fresh Florida citrus’ mention on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” we immediately moved into action,” Sam Jones, Duda Farm Fresh Foods’ operations manager, said in the release.  “We organized our donation near our citrus packing operation in Fort Meade, to share fresh Florida citrus with the RCMA, a local organization who could use the extra vitamin C to help boost immunities for the children that they care for.”