(Feb. 19) Lou Lambert, chef and owner of Austin, Texas-based Lambert’s Barbeque, made a pit stop in the Rio Grande Valley to learn a little about citrus.

Lambert and Wimberley, Texas-based Pedal Ranch Productions filmed a segment for a pilot episode of “Lou’s Culinary Road Trip” at the Edinburg Citrus Association in January.

Paula Fouchek, marketing director for the Edinburg, Texas-based co-op, said the crew visited the groves and packing shed to learn more about production and the unique characteristics of Texas grapefruit.

Fouchek said she and Lambert met at a conference in November.

“I loved the dish he served and started talking to him,” she said. “I mentioned that I worked with the Edinburg Citrus Association and the discussion moved to his show and that he would like to do something on Texas grapefruit, which he really loves.”

The segments, which also featured Texas beef complete with a cattle drive, also include recipe development. Fouchek said Lambert plans to incorporate grapefruit into some new recipes, which the association plans to feature on its Web site.

Fouchek said the show is designed for an outlet like the Food Network, but a venue and schedule have not yet been slated.