Salad prepared and served at a franchised Wendy’s location in Fredericton, New Brunswick, before Oct. 27 is thought to be responsible for six cases of E. coli 0157:H7 in Canada.

A public health alert was posted for consumers Oct. 30, warning them to seek medical attention if they ate at the quick-service restaurant and were feeling ill. The same notice identified salads prepared and served at the location as the probable link.

New Brunswick’s Public Health Services led the investigation, and told consumers in the same release that there was no evidence to suggest a public health concern at any other restaurant locations. The restaurant remained open throughout the investigation, until Nov. 2, when it voluntarily closed for the day for a complete sanitization, including the sidewalks, according to media reports.

By that time, the confirmed case count was up to six, according to media reports. Reports did not discuss how the lettuce was contaminated. Dan Moore, store franchisee, told The Daily Gleaner that his clean-up efforts were assisted by a Wendy’s Canada personnel and quality assurance representatives from the U.S.

A Public Health Services spokesperson was not available for comment Nov. 3.