After piloting a restaurant concept for several years, Edible Arrangements is putting more eggs in its foodservice basket.

The Wallingford, Conn.-based fresh fruit arrangement provider announced a new “core and station” store enterprise development system, as it calls it, which includes a base store and quick-service stations throughout that area.

Edible Arrangements launches Frutation restaurants

Courtesy Edible Arrangements

Fresh fruit salad is on the menu of Frutation by Edible Arrangements, the company's quick-service restaurant concept.

The quick-service stations, called Frutation by Edible Arrangements, will serve fruit salads, green salads, fruit salsas and fruit beverages, all made from fresh fruit and vegetables.

The company plans to start expanding the Frutation grab-and-go restaurant concept with six locations in Massachusetts and three in Virginia, according to a news release.

The Frutation stations focus on the Frutation brand products, which include FruSalads, which are green salads that include fruit, cheese and nuts; FruSalsas, which are organic pita chips and fresh fruit dipping sauces; FruZees, which are iced fruit beverages, and fruit juices known as FruJuices, according to the release.

The outlets will be smaller than existing Edible Arrangement location, but they will share delivery, operations and marketing resources, according to the release. Some locations will sell both Edible Arrangements products, such as fruit arrangements and dipped fruit, and Frutation brand menu items, like salads and smoothies.

Edible Arrangements also hired chef Russ Camolli to create products, new production procedures and new recipes, according to a news release.

The company uses the “Real Fruit. No Kidding.” tagline.

“As an industry leader in fresh fruit arrangements, it was a natural transition for Edible Arrangements to enhance their menu options to offer great tasting, healthy food and drinks for customers and busy people on the go,” said Diana Brandt, Frutation brand manager.

The company operates 913 stores, and has a 1,000-store goal in its sights for 2010.