It’s in to go out again.

Sales of food consumed away from home increased 7.4% from January through November 2010. In 2009, sales of food away from home dropped 2.2%.

On the flip side, U.S. Department of Agriculture statistics show sales of food consumed at home fell by 2% in the first 11 months of 2010, compared to a 1.8% drop in 2009.

The statistics were published in mid-January’s Agricultural Outlook Statistic Indicators  from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service.

Food consumed at home accounted for 51% of all food sales in 2010, down from 53% in 2007.

The USDA estimated that for January through November 2010, Americans spent $529 billion for food consumed at home and $506.7 billion for food consumed away from home.

Food Sales — Change from year earlier

                                2007         2008         2009          2010 (January to November)

At home                   5.0%         3.3%         -1.8%        -2.0%

Away from home     4.8%          3.2%         -2.2%         7.4%

Source: USDA