(Feb. 23, 12:09 p.m.) Salyer American Fresh Foods, Salinas, Calif., is celebrating National Nutrition Month in March by collaborating with local chefs to promote healthy eating for kids.

The company is sponsoring two events, the “Veggie ABC’s” at the Culinary Center of Monterey on March 12, and “Vegging Out Day” at MY Museum, Monterey, on March 29, said Marci Bracco, director of marketing.

“We’re educating people on how to do more than just steam vegetables,” Bracco said.

Veggie ABC’s will teach 30 children ages five and older about asparagus, broccoli and cauliflower and more, and will feature an interactive class where children learn about produce and create dishes with Mary Pagan, owner of the Culinary Center, according to a news release.

Vegging Out Day at MY Museum features Brandon Miller from Mundaka restaurant in Carmel, Calif., who will teach a cooking class for kids.

Salyer American is working on a Web site to offer consumers more recipe ideas. It will also be a place for details of the company’s upcoming promotions, product specifications and other marketing tools, said Allan Sabatier, senior vice president of sales and marketing.