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Simplified Software upgrades produce products

04/16/2014 3:18:46 PM

Simplified Software has released upgrades to its produce-specific software packages. Santa Cruz, Calif.-based Simplified made changes... Read more.

Vidalia onion grower, state official both claim victory in court

04/15/2014 5:38:10 PM

(For additional details, please see “Bland Farms begins packing Vidalia onions”) Both sides are claiming victory... Read more.

Companies partner to provide CanadaGAP certification

04/15/2014 1:48:01 PM

Two certification and inspection companies are working together to offer CanadaGAP services in the province... Read more.

Drought whets appetites for automated irrigation

04/15/2014 11:15:30 AM

WATSONVILLE, Calif. — As California growers review their water conservation options in the midst of... Watch Video.

OG Packing shows off 72-lane optical cherry sorter

04/14/2014 7:58:00 AM

Stockton, Calif.-based OG Packing, which last year installed a 40-lane optical cherry sorting system, showed... Read more.

Market Managers elect new officers

04/11/2014 3:53:24 PM

The National Association of Produce Market Managers had its annual meeting in New York, electing new... Read more.

Key Technology adds product manager

04/10/2014 3:34:10 PM

Peter Wood is the new process systems product manager at Key Technology. At the Walla Walla, Wash.-based... Read more.

NSF program certifies greenhouses

04/10/2014 1:48:23 PM

NSF International is certifying greenhouse operations. The Ann Arbor, Mich.-based food safety certification organization’s Certified Greenhouse... Watch Video.

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