Damco, Copenhagen, Denmark, has introduced a direct-to-door program for growers, Fresh Produce Direct.

Through the program, Damco handles all aspects of the supply chain control, beginning at the farm and ending at the desired destination, according to a news release.

Fresh Produce Direct aims to move produce to the market in a shorter time frame in order to achieve longer product shelf-life. According to a news release, growers will have access to the shipment process in order to ensure complete visibility and a smooth supply chain.

“It’s basically like a one-stop shop,” said Tom Murphy, director of refrigerator logistics. “Several different wholesalers can go directly to the source of the supply chain to ensure fresher produce. Instead of going through different vendors, the program cuts out the middle man to give the produce 2 to 3 more days of shelf-life.”

Through Fresh Produce Direct program, Damco aims to reduce costs for retailers as well.