After establishing a customer base for its table grapes, mini and seedless watermelons, greenhouse peppers, euro cucumbers and other items, Divine Flavor LLC has decided it’s time for a home of its own.

The company, which operates in McAllen, Texas; San Diego; and Arizona, has broken ground on a 90,000-square-foot facility projected to be completed next October.

Divine Flavor, which opened in 2006, has been renting cooler space from Rio Rico, Ariz.-based PDG Produce.

The construction site is on Mariposa Road in Nogales within 2 miles of the Mexico border crossing, said Pedro Batiz, partner and vice president of sales.

“It will have five rooms for different temperatures, double deck and hold 250 to 300 loads total,” he said.

Divine Flavor’s parent company is Hermosillo, Mexico-based Grupo Alta.

“It was in the plans,” Batiz said. “We wanted to build our own facilities. The company has grown a lot, and that financially justifies the investment in a warehouse. It’s also to better take care of the product. We’ve been renting a cooler, and now it’s time to invest in our own warehouse.”

Grupo Alta has 1,000 hectares of table grapes in Hermosillo and farms another 500 of mini and seedless watermelons.

“In greenhouses, we have a big program of sweet mini peppers, sweet mini blocky peppers and sweet long color peppers.” Batiz said. “We also have big programs on Euro cucumbers and hothouse bell peppers.”

Hothouse bells and mini sweet peppers out of Culiacan, Sinaloa, were expected to start production around Dec. 10.