An ethylene analyzer made by CID Bio-Science Inc. will be featured in a horticultural science workshop.

Camas, Wash.-based CID’s CI-900 Portable Ethylene Analyzer will be featured at a workshop at the American Society of Horticultural Science’s annual meeting July 28-31 in Orlando, according to a CID news release.

Andrea Melnychenko, one of the analyzer’s designers, will discuss the CI-900 at “New Innovations in Commercial Horticultural Applications,” a session which also will address recent research and applications for ethylene analysis in greenhouses and controlled atmosphere storage.

“Until now, ethylene has been a wild card in horticultural product processing. This instrument brings lab-quality ethylene analysis to producers for a reasonable cost,” Melnychenko said in the release.

In addition to measuring ethylene, the CI-900 measures CO2 and O2 for applications in monitoring growth chambers, greenhouses, storage facilities, controlled atmosphere environments and modified atmosphere packaging.

The analyzer won the 2014 Gases & Instrumentation Award for Gas Analysis and Detection.