Guide helps you understand reefer air exchangeUniversity of California post-harvest biologists have partnered with Maersk Container Industry AS to produce an easy-to-understand guide about optimal air exchange technology settings to maximize produce quality.

The recommendations take into account that produce is still a living organism and continues to respire, according to a news release. As a result, fresh air exchange within reefer containers should be based on respiration rather than a fixed-vent opening and constant fan speed.

Open air exchange vents are just that — openings that allow for continuous air movement. But there’s varied opinion about what is the best air exchange rate for the various types of fresh produce.

By engineering a system to mechanically open and control the vents based on respiration, users can retard ripening and provide a better quality product when it reaches its destination, according to the release.

Danish reefer manufacturer MCI’s proprietary AV+ system helps reduce energy consumption by minimizing the amount of warmer air that enters the container. It also helps reduce dehydration and the introduction of undesirable gases, such as diesel exhaust.

The two-page guide is at