Gonzalez, Calif.-based Misionero Vegetables is happy with its new 70,000-square-foot processing facility in Brantford, Ontario, said Dan Canales, vice president sales and marketing.

“We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the opportunities we’ve found above and beyond the original plan,” Canales said.

He said the plant is processing conventional greens from Yuma, Ariz., under Misionero’s Garden Life label. By the end of February, it should be packing organic salad greens for the Earth Greens label. Plans are afoot for private label and additional lines, Canales said.

Though Canada has always been a big market for Misionero, Canales said the plant’s location, an hour southwest of Toronto, gives local customers more real-time ordering opportunities and offers easy access to the Northeastern U.S. and into the Midwest, from Illinois to Indiana.

When fully operational, it’s expected to employ 130 people. It’s Misionero’s first processing facility outside the U.S., under the direction of Hugh Bowman, president of Canada operations.